I haven’t found one person that doesn’t like music. Music is the one thing outside of food that crosses cultural and language barriers, it also brings people together. A person can listen to a song in another language, not understand one word but will be moved to sing, dance and sway. Go to any concert and you will see many ethnicities and age groups. It is my belief it has the ability to transcend to spiritual levels and has healing power. This is why there is so much emotion when listening to or playing music. It has the ability to change a mood from sad to happy, happy to sad, and the ability to inspire. Music can make you remember a place and a moment in time. I’ve watched plenty of videos where a person has suffered from some kind of ailment or the person has lost their ability to speak but will sing a complete song when the music comes on. If that ain’t spiritual or healing I don’t know what it.

I love the creative part of putting a song together. Melodies, with a tight bass line, words and harmonies. The entire process is beautiful. Think about your favorite horror, or suspense movie. Those scary scenes where the killer is about to get the girl. The movie score is what makes you feel the intensity or “feeling” for that particular scene. I’m sure most of you have seen the movie Jason. Remember that music that comes on right when he’s about to get kill the person. We all knew what was about to happen. If there wasn’t any music, the scene would be okay I guess but it wouldn’t have given us the same feeling. (My cousin used to torment me with that music…lol) but you guys get what I mean.

I want you to do me a favor, image something with me. Imagine there was no radio stations or streaming services. There’s noway for you to listen to the radio in your car or in your office, while working out, cleaning up, setting the mood or whatever reason you turn the radio on. I would probably fall into a state of depression. Music is an essential part of my day. Working in an accounting department looking at numbers all day is boring. The music comes on as soon as I walk in.

For me music is my peace, my therapy and sometimes my only comfort. Just like writing, it’s a creative outlet. At one point in my life you couldn’t tell me that I wasn’t going to be working with music in some way. When growing up my life was being pushed in that direction. From talent shows, to music groups I would join, to being in the visual and performing arts program at my high school and let’s not forget all the many, many, MANY church choirs I was apart of. I’m a PK and I grew up COGIC. (Wheeeew chile) I’ll save that for another time for sure but music is just necessary. Just like the body needs water the spirit needs music.

Tell me a few new artists you’re into and a few old artists that got you through and over a hard time. Also tell me your “love song” that song that you hear and you think about your boo or significant other.

Right now I’m loving Tobe Nwigwe , Johnnyswim, and Sabrina Claudio. Older artist would be Erykah Badu, Jill Scott and R-Kelly ( and I’m only speaking from a musical standpoint so don’t come for me) and the artist and or group that makes me think about my honey would be anything by Jodeci and R-Kelly. I’m in love with music and my ear has a lot of depth so I could go on and on but I won’t.

14 thoughts on “Music

  1. You speaking my type of language. I love music!! I’m a 90’s girl at heart but I try to branch out and listen to different artist. My new music is new to me but maybe not to other people which includes: Aaron May, Anderson Paak, Ella Mai. My old music includes, T-Pain, New Edition, Jocedi, Usher, Guy, BBD, Bobby V, R-Kelly, Chris Brown. The 2 artist that get me through hard times are actually Gospel Artists Fred Hammond and Keira Sheard and of course my Hezekiah Walker!! Lol. The group that makes me think about my hubby is Mint Condition. We listen to “If you Love Me” almost everyday!!

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  2. I’m late reading this but yes there is power in music. Right now I’m listening to Lucky Daye, Meg the stallion( my ratchet side), and Sebastian Mikael. And I love Jill Scott, Erykah, and any 90’s r&b.

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