Month: May 2019

Monday Motivation

Pull strength and inspiration from all thing that you encounter in life. Not only are you learning the lessons, it’s also building character and muscle. During the lesson building times, we need to pay special attention . In most cases that’s where we learn the most. This is when patterns and routine tend to resurface. If these are good patterns and routines rock out. If not, pause regroup and try something different. Different can be scary and make us feel a bit off or overwhelmed but do know that in the end you will be ok.

I Wish The Neighbors Would STFU

I wish the neighbors would STFU. As I sit in my apartment I listen to the young loud idiots bump over my head. They sound like they never sleep or maybe they sleep while I’m at work. I swear the one guy speaks as if he has a hearing issue because he yells all day. It sounds like elephant live there. Oh, and let’s not talk about the beat making. They may have a studio up there somewhere, Im convinced. None of it sounds good by the way. All the noise and commotion is annoying. The thing is they’re paying rent for their apartment not mine. With that being said, I’m going to drown these mofos out. If you have this issue turn YOUR music up loud and only dance to that. Just like your critics drown them out too! Never let them distract your movement. Put your earbuds in and have your own party. Yes, they’re loud and obnoxious but don’t take time to stop and address them, the neighbors or your critics. Always and I say always greet them both with the a Good Morning and a smile. The neighbors are mad cause they think they know and the haters wanna know…

Keep moving, keep trying, keep believing.