John & Chaunice (Summer of 94)

It was summer time and I was so happy that we would be able to spend more time together since school was out. John and I decided to meet at his house. That’s when he informed me that he would be leaving the country with his aunt and Levi. Initially when he said it I said okay, it’s no big deal but when he said he would be traveling to Singapore I almost died. I cried out Singapore! How will I see you and speak to you? He said that he would be leaving in two weeks. I was so sad at that point. He did everything to try to cheer me up. So much for our summer.

The summer of 94 was starting to be a dozy. My boyfriend was off seeing the world while I was stuck in Maryland being board out of my mind. I hung out with Shameka and Andreka though. We would hang out at the mall, we went to the movies, but our thing was skating. We loved to go to Wheel-A-While skating rink on Saturday’s from 7 to 10. We always wore matching outfits. Our favorite outfit was our tie die shirts with our nicknames on the back, jeans with rips and rainbow colored tights underneath so that they pick a booed through. We all owned our own custom pair of skates. Mine where neon pink and white with a neon pink pom pom on top. We all knew how to skate well. We would tear shit up when “The Big Payback” by James Brown came on. We knew all eyes were on us. All the guys loved “the skate girls.” After skating was over everyone would stand around huddled up in the parking lot talking. A couple of guys spotted us and came over to try to hold conversation with Shameka, Andreka, and I. I was particularly irritated because I didn’t want to talk to any boys and the two of them were always down to talk to boys. They always blamed me for running the boys off because I was “mean”. The fact is, I wasn’t mean. I was sad. I missed my boyfriend. It had been three weeks since I had heard his voice. It was killing me and I had almost two months before I would hear his voice again.

The summer was winding down. I was getting prepared to go high school. I was attending Suitplesant High School in Suitplesant MD. I was accepted into their performing arts program as a vocal major. I was so excited. I only had a few more days until John was to return home. I couldn’t wait to tell him the news. I was still unable to have boys call my house so we came up with a plan for him to call Shameka and she would in turn call me on three way. When that call came though and I heard him say “hey babe”. I almost jumped out of my skin. I was so excited. Needless to say, he and I agreed that I would come over that weekend so Shameka and I started out scheming with our parents that day.

Saturday came and I was elated. As soon as John and I laid eyes on each other we ran to each other. We huged and kissed like nobody was watch, but Levi and Shameks was standing right there. They just looked at us and said okay then. We walked back to John’s house so fast so that we could be alone. We sat and watched television with Shameka and Levi for all of fifteen minute then John and I went to his room to make out. It was so intense like nothing I ever experienced before. I missed him so much. After we made out we just laid there. I had my head pressed on his chest listening to his heartbeat. It became my comfort. He had his arms wrapped around me so tightly we could’ve melted into each other. It was a feeling I’d never felt before. A feeling that I knew I never wanted to leave. It was at that moment I knew I had been bitten by the love bug. I lifted my head off Johns chest and looked at him and said “I love you.” He looked me right back in my eyes and said “I love you.” We smiled at each other then I laid my head back on his chest.

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