Gucci Shades

Have you ever wondered why it was okay for you to be down but not okay to be up? Think about it. Reread the question if you have to. Why is it okay to be amongst people in your life, be it your social groups, lovers, or family, down and not doing okay? Have you have ever been super down. I mean down bad. Nothing is going well kind of down. Your life is just totally out of balance. The people around you have witnessed your pain, you’ve shared some of your darkest moments with them. Hell, some of them were there to “help” you out of that place. Then those same people will then look at you differently because you’re in a position where you can help yourself. Then out of nowhere you now feel like you have to defend yourself because you’re no longer down.(make it make sense) In your head it’s just a break from being broken and being able to breath a bit without stress and the heaviness of what had you down. You would naturally think these people would be happy and excited for you. Some of them you may have even looked up to. The hard truth is not everyone wants to see you happy or see you win.

If you’ve ever been down bad, when you come out of it all you can think about is finally being able to be there for the people that have been there for you. Somehow you’re faced with the “oh you’ve changed” conversation. Your response should be “you’re damn right I changed” and I mean that in the most humble way. It’s okay to not be broken or broke anymore. Coming out of darkness and stepping into light is a wonderful change. Sometimes it’s not even a conversation, they just simply start treating you differently. (Thank you Divine) If that’s your story you have some power and strength that make some folks upset.

A lot of times we don’t see our power and strength right away but others do. They see the light that shines within you. It’s the very light that they were drawn to. These people often have insecurities that you’re unaware of. That’s not your problem especially if they’re unwilling to even acknowledge them themselves.

In reality these people never want you to see and know your worth because they already see it and it benefits them in some sick way. The light that shines within you was given by the Divine so never allow it to go dim for a demon. Shine so bright that the imp has no choice but to transform or flee. Walk in your power and truth and don’t go off your path for anyone or anything. Even if you’re forced to walk alone. Hold your head up and never let your crown hit the grown.

4 thoughts on “Gucci Shades

  1. I’ve absolutely had this experience and it’s confusing and sad.
    Not everyone truly wants the best for us.
    I try to surround myself with people who want to see me happy and fulfilled.

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