Doing the Work

Stacey has had it with Eric and his bullshit. She vowed that this was the final goodbye. She has also said that before but this time was different. Stacey was tired.

Settling into her new space Stacey knew things had to be different if she wanted real change in her life. She found a African American therapist that could help her sort out trouble spots in her life. Eric had been a major issue for years. A constant state of fuckery that needed to end. It was time for her to look within to see why.

She also sought out, the help of a reiki healer, self help books, yoga with goats, which she vowed to never do again. She literally did anything to help herself heal.

Stacey set herself on a strict routine. She would wakeup, meditate, do her affirmation, workout, then off to work. She did this everyday. She looked up one day and realized she’d been doing this for six months straight. The more she poured into herself the more she wanted to. she loved this point in her life.

Stacey’s girlfriends were ecstatic that She was finally moving on from Eric. Nobody was a fan. Well, he had one fan on that side, but even she was over him. This also meant they all wanted to hook her up with this guy and that guy. A friend of a friend, their husbands friends. Hell even her mother tried to hook her up with her single pastor. Stacey wasn’t interested at all. She had been through a lot. she was being very selfish at this point in her life. Stacey decided she was to busy loving on herself to entertain anyone.

One day, at one of her therapy sessions. Dr. Goodwin gave Stacey some homework. The homework was to get dress and go out alone for at least an hour. For six months Stacey had been using all the tools the therapist and self help books had given her except going out. She was traumatized. She didn’t want to be around people, especially people of the opposite sex. She told Dr. Goodwin she would do her best to get the assignment done.

As Stacey drove home from her appointment she remembered that she didn’t take anything out the freezer for dinner. She decided to stop by this cute diner near her house. She’s ordered food from there before but she normally orders DoorDash or Instacart . She literally didn’t go outside for anything that didn’t have to do with her healing. Anyplace that offered delivery services was her friend.

Stacey pulled up to Mattie’s Midtown Diner. She pulled into the parking lot and parked. Stacey walks in and walks up to the to go counter. She gave the man her name and she waits for him to return. While waiting, she noticed the diner had a small stage. There was a woman with a guitar and a man with a keyboard setting up. Stacey was a music lover so as soon an she heard the young woman strum her guitar she knew she had to stay. She recognized the song the woman was singing too. Ironic by Alanis Morissette. Stacey tapped her foot and quietly sang along. It was at that moment she decided to stay and eat her food there

Stacey finished her food. She was having such a good time she ordered two glasses of Merlot. Stacey looked up to notice a man standing at her table. An old man that resembles Frank Gallagher from the show Shameless. He says “Hi how are you? I noticed you were sitting here alone. She acknowledged his statement. The man nods at their exchange then goes towards the restroom. As she’s finishing up her glass of wine, she see the same man heading her way again. He say “so I forgot to mention they play the game her on Sunday’s if you’re free you should come down.” As the words left his mouth. Stacey was having a complete meltdown on the inside. She wasn’t ready for that and the man looked like Frank Gallagher. Frank is the worst father She’d ever seen on a TV show. Stacey paid her tab walked to her car. She thought to herself this can’t be life. Frank Gallagher tried to pick me up as she chuckled. She also realize that her homework was complete. That made her feel great.

13 thoughts on “Doing the Work

  1. I love Stacy’s strength and willingness to take a chance and love herself . I’m
    not quite where Stacy is but i’m
    getting. there . It’s inevitable that I too. start loving myself .

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, as easy as it sounds we don’t always do it. I’m glad that you were able to connect with Stacey’s character in a realistic way. Much love to you to you on your journey of self love and discovery. Thank you so much Queen for taking time to stop by to read and comment. I truly appreciate it. 💜👑


  2. Girl you cannot do me like this. I want the entire story *sobs*. This was so good. I really wanna see what happens next. I was so hooked. Very rarely am I hooked on books. This is amazing. I love it. Am waiting for the next one please.

    Miss Sparkle Berri

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m happy you enjoyed it. You’ll definitely get to read more about Stacey and see her evolve. Thank you so much for taking time to read and comment. I truly appreciate it. 💜👑


  3. That damn “Eric” LoL I think so many women have experienced an “Eric” in our lives. Question is what did we do about it?! Great read! kept me intrigued all the way through the story.


  4. So proud of Stacey for having courage to complete a difficult homework assignment. It’s hard to allow yourself to be vulnerable but that’s apart of the shadow work that’s needed for healing. Frank G was a test from the Universe. Always remember that the Universe will test you with the same lesson but through different people. The meltdown she felt was her intuition picking up on his energy and she understood the warnings. When it’s God’s time…love will come in flowing abundantly. Until then…I hope Stacey keeps showing love to her #1 fan…Stacey!

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