But I Have Plants

Stacey was looking forward to her upcoming weekend. Her cousin Joy was flying into town to visit her from Michigan.Joy and Stacey were inseparable as children. Stacey enlisted in the Army and was stationed there.

Joy had it all planned out for them. They would paint the town red like they did when they were in their twenties. Stacey would normally be with it. In fact, in the past it would be Stacey’s go to after a break with Eric. She would make one phone call to Joy telling her to round up the crew. Joy would get Michelle and Christine on a three way conference call. She would just blurt out “Welp dude tripping again, so where we going”?They would agree on a date, place and time.

These night out often ended with Stacey drunk, crying and waking up to a massive hangover. If it was a real crazy night she would open her phone to find that while she was in her crying drunken state, she sent Eric a drunk text. And if it was a crazy, crazy night it would often end with her in his bed.

Stacey picked Joy up from the airport. Joy’s party apparently started on the plane. She was already tipsy and ready to party. She hops in Stacey’s truck. As soon as she shuts the door they look at each other and and say “COUSIN.” Joy also had a bewildered look on her face. One of concern. She says “cousin, girl, umm what do you have on, why is your hair not done. I thought we were going out? Stacey had on leggings an oversized t-shirt, a old hoody and a scarf. Stacey looked at Joy and said “Do you mind if we stay in tonight?” Joy say of course we can.

They arrive at Stacey’ s condo. Stacey gives Joy a tour and shows her to the guest room.

After Joy gets comfortable they meet in the kitchen. Stacey grabs two wine glasses, a bottle of Riesling and popcorn. They make their way to the den. Joy was amazed. Stacey’s den was so peaceful. Stacey was very intentional with the space. It had the ambience of a spa. Stacey and Joy sat down and poured a glass of wine. The two catch up. They discussed Stacey’s card line and Joy’s up coming nuptials.

Saturday morning Stacey wakes up to find Joy still sleeping. She does her usual routine of meditation and affirmation. She also decides to workout so she leaves a note for Joy letting her know she was headed to the gym. Stacey grabs her key fob her, water bottle and phone. Stacey worked out for an hour then she heads back to the elevator to go back to her condo. Once at the elevator door, they open and Joy walks out. Stacey asked her where she was headed and she says. I was going to walk to the coffee shop on the corner. She asks Stacey to walk with her. This makes Stacey is uncomfortable. Joy is unaware of the amount of anxiety Stacey feels around people. Stacey goes anyway.

Stacey and Joy walk in the coffee shop. They both order a vanilla bean expresso. While the waited on their drinks. Joy finally asked Stacey about dating. Stacey rolls her eyes and sign. She looks Joy in the eyes with the blankest stare and says “I’m not interested.” In the past Stacey didn’t sit around to long. One man definitely wasn’t stopping any show she had going on. Stacey vowed that things would be different in her life and she meant it. Joy says “for now, but isn’t it someone you have your eye on”? Stacey replies “yes, in fact I do, me’! Oh, and my plants. She lightly chuckles as Joy rolls her eyes.

The barista calls their order number. They grab their coffees and grab a table by a window. Joy asks Stacey to hand her her phone. Five minutes later Joy hands Stacey her phone back. Joy says by the way the code word is coffee. Only go out with them if the ask you to meet for coffee. Stacey looks confused. She looks at her phone and realizes Joy has downloaded a dating profile on her phone. Stacey is horrified. I’m not interested in meeting anyone. Joy isn’t listening. Joy looks at Stacey and says. “Look I’ve been here less than twenty-four hours and this ain’t it. We need to get you out from under your plants. If you cooperate I’ll let you hug a tree while we’re out”.

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