Wine & BOB’s

Michelle and Christine arrived at Stacey’s with champagne in hand. Joy grabbed four champagne flutes from the bars cabinet. As Joy popped the cork, Christine asks where Stacey was. Joys says you know she changed her clothes a million times. They all sighed. Joy goes on to tell them how she tried to wear a knit worktop with jeans and flats. I told her to change and when she came out she had better be looking like a whole snack. Joy always teased Stacey about her need to layer and cover. Stacey had all these rules about not having everything exposed at once. Stacey was really conservative when it came to clothes. She did however start buying sexier dresses for situation as these.

Stacey walks into the kitchen and the ladies jaws drop. Christine looks at Joy and says “she really took your advice”. Stacey decided to let what she felt like on the inside shine. She felt amazing,but she didn’t want anything to do with the opposite sex so she would purposely wear unflattering or oversized clothes to keep the creeps away. Tonight she decided on full glam. The ladies all say damn girl in unison.Stacey chose a short tight black number that hit all the right places. Before heading out the door. The girls toast. As the ladies raise their glasses, Michelle turns to Stacey and says “here’s to new beginnings”.

Stacey deserved this night out.

The ladies jump out their Uber and walk into Perch. Perch was a neeFrench Restaurant Stacey wanted to try. The host asks their name and reservation time. Stacey replied “ Arlington, seven-thirty”. The host grabs four menus leading the ladies to their booth. As the ladies made their way through the dining room. It seemed as if all eyes where on them. The ladies were very stylish. The ladies sit. Water and Fresh bread are then brought to their table.

As the ladies finish up their meals. The waiter walks over with a bottle of 1970 Freemark Abby Cabernet. He places the bottle on their table and says “courtesy of the gentleman at the table right ahead”. The ladies look in the direction of the man sitting at the table alone. He nods and the ladies all wave and say thank you.

Michelle picks up the bottle and says. This guy just sent us a five hundred dollar bottle of wine. They all say “ five hundred dollars”? Joy teases the ladies, in her most annoying voice “who he liking over here”? The ladies laugh.

The ladies pay their bill and they all stand to prepare to leave. As they walk out one behind the other.They pass the gentleman’s table that sent the wine over.They all say thank you again but as he turned to say of course, no problem he locked eyes with Stacey He also accidentally touched her hand. He smiles, Stacey looks at him blankly and continues to walk away. The guy signals for the waiter. He hands the waiter his identification and car keys. He lets the waiter know that he’ll be right back and he takes off in the direction of the ladies. The gentleman calls for the women. They all turn around. The gentleman catches up with them. He asked them if they enjoyed the bottle of wine he sent over. The entire time his eyes never left Stacey.They all reply yes. Stacey slowly turns and walks to the elevator leaving Michelle, Joy, and Christine chatting with the overly nice gentleman. Joy noticed that he had tunnel vision. His eyes were fixed on Stacey. Joy walk around Michelle and plants herself right in front of the gentleman and says “you see something you like don’t you”? With a devilish smirk. He smiles and replies “it’s that obvious” Michelle says “sir it was that obvious when you sent over a five hundred dollars bottle of wine”. The man is now looking bashful. Christine asked him his name. The mystery man says his name is Michael. Joy says well Mr. Michael we have to hurry. Our ride is outside. Michael looks as if he’s thinking of the next thing to say stalling for time. The ladies can see the desperation in his face. Joy abruptly says her name is Stacey give me your number and I’ll pass it on. He hands her his card. He walks the ladies to their ride and say “Good night ladies” but he makes it his business to tell Stacey good night by name. Good night Stacey while looking into her eyes. Stacey politely says “Good night sir” it’s Michael, “Good night Michael.” Stacey says as she rolls up the window. She then immediately turns to Joy and says you told him my name didn’t you. I sure did Joy replied. I took his number for you too as she hands Stacey his card. Stacey looks really annoyed at this point. Joy ask Stacey when was the last time she got some. Stacey fires back at Joy. I have a drawer full of BOB’s. The ladies all look at her and say BOB’s, what’s that? Battery Operated Boyfriends. Well in Stacey case they’re chargeable. She didn’t want the nuisance of running out of batteries. The ladies all laughing. Even Stacey had to laugh at herself. She didn’t care though. She was happy and at peace.

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