Oh She’s FR FR

Stacey and the ladies pull up at Metamorphosis. Metamorphosis is a posh lounge with great music and drinks. Stacey hadn’t been out since her accidental run in with Frank Gallagher’s extra. Stacey was game to have a good time. She promised herself that she was going to live her life and live it out loud. That was until she walked in. The place was packed and way to loud, but Stacey was determined to have a great time. They head over to their reserved section.

The ladies make themselves comfortable. Joy immediately pours all the ladies a shot of run. She raises her shot glass; the ladies shortly follow. She yells out “to new beginnings and to getting Stacey some”. They all laugh. Stacey rolls her eyes at Joy and sighs. She takes her shot and sits down. Joy and Christine make their way to the dance floor leaving Michelle and Stacy in their seats. Michelle asks Stacey if she was having a good time. Stacey replies “yeah, it’s just a little loud.” They both make another drink. Michelle leans over and tells Stacey to give her, her phone. Stacey reaches in her purse to hands Michelle the phone. Michelle then puts Stacey’s phone in her purse. Stacey looks at her and says “ummm why did you put my phone in your purse?” Michelle leans over and says “I didn’t want to say anything in front of Joy and Christine, but I know you’re going to get drunk. I don’t want you to have a weak moment and text Eric. Stacey tells Michelle to give her, her phone back and say’s “I don’t need you to help me stay away from a person that no longer resonates with who I am.” She takes her phone, gets up and heads to the bathroom.

While walking back to the table, Stacey runs into Joy and Christine. She proceeds to tell them how Michelle tried to take her phone so that she wouldn’t get drunk and try to call Eric. Joy says, “oh I forgot to do that before we started drinking.” Stacey just shook her head.

The DJ is jamming. He starts playing “It’s Getting Hot in Here” by Nelly. That use to be Stacey’s jam. She immediately ran to the dance floor. Stacey was cutting up. She was dropping it and dipping it. Joy, Michelle and Christine join her. They dance the night away.

The ladies go back to their section, they must walk by a group of good looking, good smelling men. They all sit but when they look up there are a group of men approaching. Michelle says, “ladies we have company.” They all adjust themselves, all except Stacey. She pours another drink and looks the other way, because she wants nothing to do with the opposite sex. She also has a rule about meeting men in nightclubs.

The men have their eyes on the woman they’re about to approach. Stacey gives the guy that was headed her way a glare of warning to walk in the other direction. He must’ve thought the look she gave meant please come talk to me. The guy comes up to the edge of the couch where Stacey was. He says “Hello” Stacey looks at him and says “Hello” ever so dryly. Then Mr. Can’t Get a Clue just stands there. Stacey continues to sip her drinks. The persistent guy asks Stacey if she had been to the lounge before. Stacey replies, “No.” The guy continues to stand there and at one point she believes she heard him say ummm out loud, as if he was thinking of the next thing to say. Ummm Stacey thought. She was ready to go. Stacey knew that her spirit no longer connected with that atmosphere. She hated being around all those people, it was too loud, and she didn’t want to come off as a rude uptight bitch in a social environment. She kind of felt bad for buddy. The courage it must’ve taken for him to walk over to her. She decides to entertain the man with a little conversation for a few minutes. She then excuses herself to interrupt Joy’s conversation with a guy that was way to close. Stacey says, “excuse me”, she leans into Joy and says I think I’m going to call a ride and go home. Joy says “come on Stace it’s only eleven forty-five. Stacey replies “I know, but this just isn’t my thing anymore.” Joy then tries to get Christine and Michelle’s attention. Stacey grabs Joy’s hand and says, “what are you doing?” Joy replies “I’m letting them know we’re ready to go”. Stacey says “no, you guys stay. Here’s my key fob. I won’t set the alarm but set it when you get in.” Joy looks concerned and asks Stacey if she sure. Stacey assures Joy that she’s okay.

Stacy runs herself a hot bath. She adds her favorite lavender infuse bath salt. She lights her candles and tells Alexa to play her bath time play list. She reflects on her night out. She was proud of herself. She removed herself from an environment that made her uncomfortable she didn’t ignore her own needs so that her friends and family were comfortable. She also chuckled at the thought of them trying to take her phone. She breaths, releases and soaks further into her bath. Stacey finishes her relaxing bath. She grabs a towel from the heated towel bar. Stacey wraps herself in her warm towel. It makes her feel even more relaxed. She walks into the kitchen to make some tea. She goes back into her room and over to her vanity she grabs her whipped Shea butter and smooth’s it all over herself. She wraps her head shortly thereafter. Stacey says her prayers and falls asleep. Stacey sleeps well at night, especially after her baths

5 thoughts on “Oh She’s FR FR

  1. I am literally sitting in the edge…..what’s gonna happen next. Stacey sounds like the new me in 2022. Taking my own feelings into account despite how other feel. I love it


  2. I am literally sitting in the edge…..what’s gonna happen next. Stacey sounds like the new me in 2022. Taking my own feelings into account despite how other feel. I love it


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