Joy was woken up by the noise of Stacey’s singing bowl. Sundays belonged to Stacey. That was her self care day. She practiced it daily but Sunday she was extra heavy on the self care. As soon as her eyes opened, she would say thank you to the Divine for allowing her to rise. She would wake-up have her tea, light her candles or incense and let it all go on the pages of her journal.  After that she would pray and mediate while her singing bowls played in the background. This is what woke Joy up. Joy stumbles down the hall and approaches the den where Stacey was. As she approached the door, she could see Stacey seated at her alter with her eyes closed, hands over her heart chakra with tears streaming down her face. Joy backed away from the door, giving Stacey some privacy. Joy goes back into her room to get some more rest. She came in around three am from Metamorphosis.

Stacey finishes up her meditation. She goes into the kitchen to grab a piece of fruit and a bottle of water. She would normally make a smoothie, but she didn’t want to wake Joy. Little did she know Joy was already awake.

Joy walks into the kitchen where Stacey was. She says “Good morning, Sunshine” Stacey turns around and replies “Good morning” Stacey sits down at the kitchen table right by the window. Stacey looks out the window to see seven birds lined-up on her deck. Stacey says, “Good morning” Joy replies, “Good morning” then she says, “didn’t I greet you with a Good morning already” Stacey continues to look out the window, never taking her eyes off the birds and says, “I was talking to the birds” Joy looks at Stacey and say who? Stacey repeats that she was talking to the birds. Joy says, “well did they reply” Stacey turns to Joy and says, “they sure did”, sticks out her tongue and laughs at Joy’s silliness.

Stacey asks Joy if she, Michelle and Christine enjoyed their night out. Joy gives Stacey the rundown about what happened when she left the lounge. Joy asks Stacey where she really went when she left Metamorphosis. What Joy really wanted to know was who Stacey was with when she left Metamorphosis. Stacey replied, “I came home took a bath and went to sleep” Joy looks Stacey in the eyes and says “girl you sure? You sure you didn’t call Eric? I wont judge if you did” At this moment Stacey became very still and quiet. Joy could tell something shifted in Stacey. She tries to search for Stacey, but Joy couldn’t read her at all. Joys says, “Stace are you okay? I woke-up earlier because I heard them bowl things. When I got to the door, I saw you crying. Did you go over there? Did you sleep with him? Are you mad at yourself?” Stacey looks at Joy and says, no I really came home, took my bath and went to bed”. Stacey understood why everyone thought that this was like every other time she and Eric broke up. Stacey uses to be weak for him. She had no boundaries whatsoever. He’d call and she would go running. That’s’ the part that hurt Stacey the most. She was angry that she didn’t love herself enough to walk away before things got as bad as they did. She was learning through therapy that you really do teach people how to treat you. Joy repeats her question. Why were you crying earlier? Stacey explained that she was fine and that she was working to remove some blockages. Joy looks puzzled. She says, “blockages? Girl if you had to shit why didn’t you just go?” Stacey says, Joy what the hell is wrong with you?” They both laughed. Stacey explains that her heart chakra was blocked, and she was using the singing bowls to help balance it out. The tears come because shes truly searching to find herself again and to feel love again, and that starts with her. Joy thought Stacey had lost her mind because they didn’t grow- up with no singing bowls and meditation.

Stacey didn’t know what her normal was, but she knew that her previous relationship was anything but normal or healthy. She didn’t need the help of anyone to help her to stay away from him or anything that made her feel like shit. She was loving herself fully. She had already forgiven Eric, but most importantly herself. Stacey renewed her relationship with the Divine. She was at peace, and this made her happy.

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