“How have you been since our last session”? Dr. Goodwin asked Stacey. “I’ve been well” Stacey replied. “Good! Did you do the homework of going somewhere alone for at least an hour”? “I did” replied Stacey. “It actually happened immediately after I left our session. I stopped at a diner, but when I got there, there were two musicians setting up to play so I decided to dine in”. Stacey said. Wonderful, Dr. Goodwin replied. “How did that make you feel”? Dr. Goodwin asked “Honestly, it felt great! I was having a great time until”. Stacey paused. “Until what Stacey”? Dr. Goodwin asked? “Until this guy approached me. He was trying to hit on me”. “How did that make you feel”? Dr. Goodwin question Stacey. “It triggered me. I left shortly thereafter” Stacey explained. “Did you have your normal response”? asked Dr. Goodwin. “No, I’ve been using the tools that you’ve given me”. Stacey told Dr. Goodwin. “I’m happy to hear that. Did anything else happen”? Dr. Goodwin asked Stacey. “I had company this weened. My cousin and two girlfriends.” Stacey hadn’t allowed anyone to come to her home after she and Eric separated. Half of the people in Stacey’s life didn’t even know she moved until about six months after the fact, including her own mother. She’s determined to rid herself the shackles that had her tied and bound to pain and suffering. She was willing to go to war for herself and if that meant shutting the world out to battle some demons, she was willing to do that. Stacey was willing to do anything it took for her to heal, and to never find herself with another person, place, or thing that made her feel like shit.

“Keep up the good work Stacey. You should be very proud of your progress”. Dr. Goodwin said. Stacey was very comfortable with her therapist. Dr. Goodwin was always professional and made great suggestions.

On the way home from her therapy session, Stacey decides to stop at the gas station, because we all know that waiting until the morning is a setup. Instead of paying at the pump, she goes inside to pay because she’s thirsty.  She walks down the isle to grab a bottle of water when suddenly, she hears “Stacey” she whips around quickly. It’s so good to see you, with your fine self. Stacy looks at the young man like who the hell is this. Then immediately went into what the hell does he want and how the hell do we know each other. I guess he could see the “who the fuck are you” written on her face. The young man says, “don’t tell me you forgot me”. Stacey searches his face. She thinks a little more. Stacey blurts out wait you’re Ezra, right? You’re Tammy’s little cousin? The young man replies “yes, you would be correct. Oh okay. Stacey tells Ezra it was nice to see you and turns to walk towards the register to pay for her water and gas. Ezra follows her and he’s on her heels. Ezra takes no time before he starts probing Stacey about her dating life. Stacey chuckled, but not from anything funny. Stacey started feeling an array of emotions. She was hot, flustered, then irritated because she was feeling flustered. As the conversation continues was taking Stacey was also paying for her water and gas. Ezra left his stuff on the counter and proceeded to walk Stacey to her car. She was becoming annoyed. They reached her car; Stacey goes to grab the pump to put gas in her car. Ezra walks in front of her, grabs the pump handle and says, “oh I’ll get that for you” Stacey replies “ummm thank you”. She steps back and allows Ezra to pump her gas. When he finishes Stacey says thank you and walks to the driver’s side of her truck. Ezra is on her heels. He walks around her so that he could open her car door. She looks and says thank you again. Stacey climbs in her truck Ezra shuts the door but leans on it a bit. Stacey’s man is about to show up. That’s what she calls it when she’s about to get aggressive. She can already see what time it was, but she was trying to be patience. He says well sense you said you were single in G-mart I was wondering if we could switch numbers. She knew this shit was coming. They switched numbers Stacey thought to herself I’m not calling this baby. Although he was very attractive, he could’ve been any older than twenty-five Stacey thought.

Stacey reaches her condo. Once inside she showers, puts on her pajamas and make a cup of tea. She grabs her journal and walks over to the window seat. She thinks about her day and all that she an Dr. Goodwin discussed. She thought about all the progress she’s been making and how proud she was of herself. Stacy also couldn’t help but chuckle at Ezra shooting his shot. You still go it girl. Stacey was balancing everything out and this made her happy.  

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