Stacey loved her Saturday mornings. She hopped up, made her bed, opened her blinds, turned on some music and danced her way down the hall to the kitchen. Instead of tea, Stacey made herself a mocha latte. She was happy, dancing and sipping her very hot latte, making sure not to spill it. Stacey walks into her room and walks over to her sitting area. She continues to enjoy her latte, when suddenly she receives an alert on her phone. When she looks down, she notices it was from that dating site Joy signed her up for. Stacey clicks on the message. It was from a fifty-one-year-old Malik. Stacey lets out a sigh. She sighs because Joy knows that Stacey doesn’t really care to date older men.

Malik is very handsome Stacey thought to herself. Malik was a real blend of Cory Gamble and Kanye West. Stacey clicked on the message. Malik message says, Hi Stacey, how are you? Stacey replies, Hi Malik, I am well. How are you? They continue to message each other throughout the day. In between Stacey messaging Malik, she’s also messaging Christine, Michelle and Joy giving them the rundown. The ladies all want to know what he looks like. Stacey grabs a screenshot and forwards the picture in their group chat. They all say he’s handsome.

Stacey was feeling light and free. She planned on painting all day. Stacey walks into the den. She grabbed her apron from the back of door and puts it on. She walks over to her easel, stands in front of it and says, “Divine help me to release and express”. Stacey feels like the Divine helps her to release emotionally. She also feels more and more connected and grounded when she’s painting. Stacey grabbed her paintbrush and let it go on the canvas. When she finished, she had another beautiful piece. The canvas was covered in the most beautiful shades of blue, purple, gold, and orange. Often, when Stacey would finish these paintings, she could hardly believe she painted them. She kept some of the paintings. A lot of them she sold on-line. She has an on-line lifestyle shop. That’s another thing about Stacey. She’s a go getter and is full of ambition. Stacey didn’t always have a lot, but she always has enough. The way Stacey’s mind works has never allowed her to look at things from a place of lack. She was the oldest of six. She knew how to make things work. If they didn’t have bread, they used crackers, if they didn’t have pancakes, they made potato cakes. If they didn’t have lotion or was running low, they mixed cooking oil in. So, see Stacey has never lacked anything. She was very resourceful.

Stacey cleaned up her mess from painting. She ran herself a hot bath. She added her favorite lavender and lemon bath salt, with some eucalyptus oil. She then grabs a bottle of Prosecco and a wine glass, a small plate of berries, crackers and cheese. Stacey sits everything on her bath board. She tells Alexa to play her Roy Hargrove playlist. She takes off her clothes and steps into the hot water. She lets her body sink down into the tub. The hot water felt like silk on her caramel skin. Stacey closes her eyes. The aroma of lavender, lemon and eucalyptus filled her nose. She grabs herself a wine glass. She tosses a few berries into her class and then grabs a piece of smoked gouda and places it on a cracker. She nibbles on the cracker and sips her Prosecco. Stacey’s phone vibrates. She wipes her hands off on her towel nearby. She grabs her phone. It’s a message from Malik. He asks her if it was okay if they switched numbers because he wasn’t always on the app. Stacey thinks what the hell, if he’s crazy she’d just block him or change her number. Her phone buzzes again. This time Malik was texting her from his phone number. Stacey saw it as harmless until her asked if they could FaceTime. Stacey blurts out “for what” at her phone. She then also thought to herself. You are on a dating app entertaining a man that you just gave your phone number to. She sighs but agrees to FaceTime him. Stacey takes her hair out of the ponytail she had in. She put on some eyeliner and lip gloss. She texts Malik to ask him if he was ready. He says yes and her phone starts to ring shortly thereafter. Stacey grabs her phone. She takes a deep and answers with a warm Hello. He says well Hello Ms. Stacey. Stacey blushes, “How are you Stacey replied”?  “I am well, Makil says”. Stacey and Malik FaceTime well into the night. He seemed very nice, and the conversation flowed well. Malik finally asked Stacey if she was comfortable with meeting him in person for coffee. Coffee was the magic word. Stacey paused for a second. She immediately scans her mind for a reason to say no. She couldn’t think of one, so she agrees. He suggests that they meet at a coffeehouse near his job the next day. He sends Stacey the address. She screenshots the address to Joy and says I’m meeting Malik tomorrow I’ll feel you in later. Joy replies to Stacey’s text with an emoji. The shocked face emoji. She texts, you better call me in the morning.

The next day comes. Stacey is now wondering if she was ready for this meet-up she agreed to. She wasn’t sure what to wear. She wanted to cancel but she knew she need to face her fear. Malik seemed harmless and nice. He was easy to talk to and he was easy on the eye but during their conversation yesterday he’s said something that Stacey needed like to get clarification on. Them tools that Dr. Goodwin had given her were coming in handy.

It’s time for Stacey to start getting ready for her coffee date. Stacey decides to wear a pair of bellbottom blue jeans a white tank top with a wide brown leather belt that had the cutest gold buckle. She pared it with her brown and gold leather sandals. Stacey decided to go with a fresh face. She did however put on a little highlighter, eyeliner, and her pink lip gloss. She pulled her hair up into a bun. Her fragrance of choice was an imported oil from Israel. It was her absolute favorite fragrance. She would normally save her more expensive things for special occasions, but she’s remembering to use her good China. This was one of the tools Dr. Goodwin had given her to think about. Stacey decided that she would do as she pleased. If she wanted to wear a ball gown to the grocery store she would.

Stacey sends Malik a text telling him that she’s on her way. Stacey walks towards the door. She takes one last look at herself and thinks, welp, here goes nothing. Stacey takes the elevator down to the parking garage. As she walks towards her truck, she can’t help thinking about what she was about to do. Stacy gets in the car and immediately turns on Thundercat “Them Changes” that was her jam. He was her boyfriend in her head.

 Stacey pulls up to the coffeehouse. She calls Malik to let him know she has arrived and that she’s parking. She hopped out of her truck and walks towards the door. As she walks in, she can see Malik at a table in the back of the coffeehouse. He stands up so that she can have a clearer view of where he was. Stacey is walking towards the table. She’s super nervous. She finally reaches the table and then.

Stay tuned next week to find out how Stacey and Malik date goes.

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