Did Someone Say Coffee

Malik and Stacey exchange a hug. Malik looks at Stacey and says “wow, you’re even more beautiful in person” Stacey replies “thank you”, as they both sit-down. Stacey thought to herself, this man is fine. He has the right amount of salt and pepper, he’s well groomed and he smelled so good. He was also well maintained physically. Malik did mention that he was on an adult baseball team. Malik asks Stacey if she had trouble finding the coffeehouse. “She replies, no, it was easy to find”. Their waitress walks over and says “Hi, my name is Patrice and I’ll be your server for today. What can I get started for you”? Stacey ordered a peppermint mocha, made with oat milk, an extra shot of espresso with no whip cream and Malik ordered an Americano black. He’s a real coffee drinker  Stacey thought to herself. Patrice asks if they needed a food menu and they both say yes. Patrice says, “okay, let me go put your drink orders in and I’ll be right back shortly”.   As soon as the waitress walked away Malik looked directly into Stacey’s eyes. Stacey immediately blocked that energy by clearing her throat and asking about the food because she’d never been there before. Malik smiles and tell Stacey all about his favorite choices. The waitress returns with their drinks. She asks them if they’re ready to place a food order. Stacey orders a turkey, apple with cheddar cheese sandwich, along with a side salad. Malik orders a turkey club sandwich and a salad as well.

The waitress returns with their order. Malik holds his hands out to Stacey; he leads them in prayer. Stacey loves a praying man. Check, she thought to herself. Stacey put a check next to his name on her mental checklist. Malik was turning out to be a lovely surprise. Not only was he well educated, but he was also well traveled, professional and outside of his job of being a film editor he owned several apartment buildings. Malik was also very creative. This is where he and Stacey connected the most. They fished up their food. The two of them sat and talked almost four hours straight. Honestly, Stacey felt like she could’ve talked to him all night, but they decided to end their evening. Malik walked Stacey to her car.  He gave her a big hug, one that she didn’t realize she needed. He whispered in her ear that he thought she smelled good. That was enough for Stacey to break the hug. She looks at him, said thank you and quickly got into her car.  

As Stacey’s pulling off her phone vibrates.  It’s a message from Malik asking her to text him when she makes it home. That did make Stacey smile. Stacey drives home thinking about her date with Malik and how much she enjoyed his company. Fifty-one wasn’t looking so bad after all. Malik was mature, cultured, communicated well, and he was a praying man. Stacey wasn’t interested in being more than friends with anyone, but she wanted to get to know more about Malik. That was until………

Until what? Find out next week to see what has Stacey so guarded.  

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