Intention, the definition of intention is; a determination to act in a certain way. Most humans will often seek to act with good intentions or aim for a result that is pleasurable for all parties involved, and or will be perceived as a favorable actions. Most people have been taught to treat people the way they want to be treated. That principle has been taught in most religions. In the Bible, the scripture Luke 6:31 reads “Do unto others as you would have them do to you”. The Quran has a similar teaching, “No one of you is a believer until he desires for his brother that which he desires for himself” ~ Sunnah. There are times where we act with good intentions but the receivers perception of your deed may not come across that way. Was it then a waste of time to act in that manner? No, you shouldn’t allow what you meant for good to change. Not to take you to church ,but often times God is using you and only you for that task. We have to fine tune our spirits and or align ourselves to hear (I’ll save that for another post) Never allow your good to be changed by a reaction that you don’t control. When intentions are pure it shouldn’t matter what another person thinks. Do good just to do good. That and only that should be the intention.

Better Days

With my eyes closed I can see the fog. The place where only a glimpse of light is seen through the thickness of the clouds. I can feel the heaviness of the dew on my skin. With my hands stretched in front of me, the tips of my fingers grasp traces of decision made and cards laid before me. With all my senses engaged I can begin to digest my sorrow and allow myself to break free from the darkness of yesterday’s transgressions. With a transformation taking place and the dawn of tomorrow on the horizon hope is given, peace is felt and love is abundant!

Can I Live

There comes a point and time when you must stand in your truth. Your truth, not your mommas truth, that was passed down from grandma Ruth, who told you “this here child is what you do” Says who? I wanna see the world, not stay here just being an around the way girl. I wanna explore. I have no desire to come and go mindlessly, aimlessly waiting on permission to live. I wanna be free, free to express myself, to learn, to grow, to build, not stuck in a box of tradition that feels like a yearly sentence. I stand flatfooted in who I am. My life’s purpose was not just to be a mate for a man. I’m much much more you see I will not be defined only by what you can see and think of me.

Not So Happy Hour

I hate when we fight. It makes the day long and keeps me up all night. I’ve apologized over and over. I didn’t mean what I said. I would’ve never said it sober. I get it, drunken truths are sober thoughts, that Henny had me asking you for a divorce. You know that’s the last thing I want. I never wanna lose you. I’m not even gonna front. With that being said no more bottles to the head so there’s no more drama like Mary said. The day after is always the worst, everyone looking at you like you’re the worst, and on top of that my head is pounding like I’ve been in a boxing match. So, if you can relate to this story cut it out so you don’t have to ask for forgiveness or end up on Maury, because of reckless decisions.


We looked for nothing and it was there. A space we didn’t know existed and yet it still filled to the brim. It causes a calm so unique that it speaks to our spirit in the same manner the moon speaks to the sea. It’s truth has healed me. It has been my biggest teacher and it has never wavered. It has lifted me to the highest of heights and centered me. It is my foundation for what is. I will let its light guide me forever and ever.

Hidden Figure

We come into the world not knowing what we’re being born into. Not knowing who we are or who we will become. As children we have no control over who will come and go, who will leave a print with encouragement or who will scar us with their inability to understand that they too are scarred. What we do know is that we grow. We grow physically with no option, but mentally and spiritually, that is a choice. We must push and stretch ourselves past our own comfort. A place where we begin to realize the human mind and state of being has many complexities. In most cases these complexities are where we find our most inner strengths and I’m almost certain god orchestrated the entire set of circumstances. Understand that these things aren’t here to cripple you or enable your ability to elevate, but to effectively equip you to have empathy and understanding for another human.

The Question Why

The sun and the moon never forgets to return to the sky. They take their perspective places without asking why. Love, joy and pain flows just the same. Pouring down like heavy rain. With palms cupped waiting to take a sip of life’s thrills and disappointments. Knowing that the universe will reinforce whatever decisions that are meant. The question why shouldn’t be asked to understand, it will only have to be dissected and asked again. WHY

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


Hello Friends

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